Hirsch Performance of Hercules

On Wed. Mar. 28, Hirsch students performed different musical numbers from the Disney production of Hercules in the auditorium of the First Baptist Church of Scottsdale, our partner agency down the street. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to perform for the first time on a real stage! The students were so excited to dress up in their costumes that were designed by Ms. Urich and Ms. Ellefsen’s friend. They later performed the next night at the church for the parents. Thanks so much to Ms. Oney for all her hard work in making this happen and to our partners at FBC Scottsdale for providing this awesome venue! Stay tuned for Kinder/5th grade graduation at the church!Hercules play at FBC Scottsdale Introducing the play Gettin down for Hercules Hercules play at FBC Scottsdale Enjoying the church auditorium On our way to the Hercules play Thanking Ms. Oney