Get Involved


Hirsch Academy welcomes volunteers to support our students and serve our school community in a variety of ways:

  • Assisting cafeteria food service for breakfast and lunch service and clean up
  • Classroom support services (copying, filing, support with special projects)
  • Schoolwide events and community events Hirsch representative
  • Additional supervision for recess
  • Girls Scout and/or Boy Scout leaders
  • Field-trip chaperone
  • Support or lead after school clubs

Interested in volunteering? Call our front office 480-488-9362


We appreciate any in-kind or monetary donation you are able to make to support our school! If you would like to donate office or school supplies please contact the front office at 480-488-9362 to find out what resources are most needed at the time.

Direct Donations:

You may donate directly to the school using this PayPal link.

Ustedes pueden dar dinero directamente a la escuela usando este PayPal aqui.

Other Ways to Get Involved