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There are two important ways to get involved and support Hirsch Academy: You can donate your time as a volunteer or provide support through monetary or in-kind donations, including school and office supplies, books and furniture. We appreciate any type of support you can provide to help our students and staff have the resources they need to succeed!


We welcome any parents or community members who would like to volunteer at our school. There are many different opportunities to serve our students: helping to serve breakfast or lunch and cleaning up afterwards, assisting the staff with supervision of the students at recess, helping teachers in the classroom or volunteering for special events or projects. If you are a parent, you can also help chaperone your student and the rest of the class on field trips. If you would like to volunteer at Hirsch, please call Dr. Marc Krell, our Manager of Community Programs and Partnerships at 520-909-7080 with any questions and come to the office to fill out a parent or community volunteer application. Here is a list of volunteer roles and responsibilities:

Volunteer Responsibilities/ Responsabilidades de Los Voluntarios

Morning Volunteers/Voluntarios en la Mañana: 7:30am-8:15am

Breakfast Helper Responsibilities

–  Help younger students open milk cartons and wrappers.
–  Wash tables.
–  Sweep the floor.
–  Collect garbage and place bags against the wall.
–  Rinse out milk buckets.

Responsabilidades de Ayudantes de Desayuno

– Ayudar a abrir y cartones de leche y envolturas de los estudiantes menores.

– Lavar las Mesas.

– Barrer el piso.

– Recoger la basura y sacar al basurer.

– Enjuagar los botes de leche.

Outside Helper Responsibilities

– Set up and take down cones in the parking lot.
– Greet families in the parking lot and make sure they cross safely.
– Make sure students go to classrooms after breakfast.
– Support families by reminding them of events coming up on the calendar.

Responsabilidades de Ayudantes de Fuera

– Montar y desmontar conos en el estacionamiento.
– Saludar a las familias en el estacionamiento y asegúrese de que se cruzan con seguridad.
– Asegúrese de que los estudiantes van a las aulas después del desayuno.
– Apoyar a las familias recordándoles de eventos en el calendario.

Afternoon Volunteers/Voluntarios en la Tarde: 10:45am-11:45am

Lunch Helper Responsibilities

– Place plastic baskets on each table for student trash.
– Help younger students open their milk cartons, straws and silverware.
– Remind students to put the plastic wrap and/or paper boxes into the basket.
– Pick up baskets from each table and dump in the trash can.
– Clean the baskets to be placed on the tables.
– Pass out brushes and dust pans to students to clean up under their tables.
– Collect garbage and place bags against the wall.
– Rinse out milk buckets.

Responsabilidades de Ayudantes de Almuerzo

– Coloque cestas de plástico en cada mesa para la basura del estudiante.
– Ayudar a los estudiantes más chicos abrir sus cartoncitos de leche, popotes y cubiertos.
– Recuerde a los alumnos tirar la envoltura de plástico o cajas de papel dentro de la cesta.
– Recoger canastas de cada mesa y tirar la basura en los botes de basura.
– Limpiar los cestos para colocarse en las tablas.
– Repartir cepillos y recojedores a los estudiantes para limpiar debajo de las mesas.
– Recoger la basura y colocar bolsas contra la pared.
– Enjuague los botes de leche.

Recess Helper Responsibilities

– Stand in the playground and supervise the students so that they are playing safely and respectfully.
– Let the teacher know if any student needs help.
– Help students line up after recess and make sure they tuck in their shirts.
– Walk behind the line of students to the cafeteria with teacher and then go back to playground to supervise younger students.

Responsabilidades de Ayudantes de Receso

– En el patio de recreo y supervisar a los estudiantes que están jugando con seguridad y respeto.
– Dejar al maestro saber si cualquier estudiante necesita ayuda.
– Ayudar a los estudiantes que alinear después del receso y asegúrese de que se faje sus camisas.
– Caminar detrás de la línea de los estudiantes a la cafetería con el maestro y luego volver al patio para supervisar a los estudiantes más jóvenes.

Classroom Volunteers/Voluntarios en el Salon de Clases: 8:30-10:30am/11:45am-2:45pm

Classroom Helper Responsibilities

– English or bilingual volunteers will assist English speaking teachers in their classes
– Spanish speaking volunteers will assist Bilingual teachers in their classes
– Volunteers may come into a classroom for at least 30 minutes to help students with class projects and then may go to another classroom if needed by another teacher
– Help prepare student homework packets
– Go to the office to pick up copies or other materials the teacher needs
– Staple and/or file papers
– Hand out graded tests
– Place papers or other materials in student cubbies
– Help clean classroom at the end of the day

Responsibilidades del Ayudante en el Salon de Clases

– Voluntarios que hablan Inglés o son bilingües ayudará a maestros que hablan Inglés
– Voluntarios que hablan Español, ayudarán a maestros bilingües
– Voluntarios pueden entrar en un salon de clase durante 30 minutos ayudar a estudiantes con proyectos de clase y luego pueden ir a otra salon de clase si es necesario por otro maestro
– Ayudar a preparar las paquetes de tarea del estudiante
– Ir a la oficina para recoger copias ó otras materiales necesitados por las maestros
– Grapar ó archivar papeles
– Entregar examenes calificados
– Coloque papeles ó otros materiales en los espacios delos niños
– Ayuda a limpiar el salón de clase al final del día

Responsibilities for Special Programs: Family Events, Fundraising, Staff Appreciation

– Work with committee to plan the program in advance
– Promote the program to other parents
– Contribute food or supplies to the program if needed
– Sign in as a volunteer at the office and wear volunteer badge during event
– Arrive early on day of event to set up
– Help serve food or lead activities
– Clean up after the event

Responsibilidades del Programas Especiales: Eventos para las Familias, Recaudacion de Fondos, Appreciation del Personal

– Trabajar con el Comité para planificar el programa de antemano
– Promover el programa a otros padres
– Contribuir o los suministros al programa si necesita
– Registrarse como voluntario en la oficina y lleve insignia de voluntario durante el evento
– Llegar temprano en el día del evento para establecer el evento
– Ayudar servir comida o conducir actividades
– Limpiar después del evento

Responsibilities for Chaperones of Field Trips

– Sign in as volunteer at the office before event
– Work with teachers to lead groups of students
– Supervise student behavior
– Stay with your group of students the entire time of the field trip
– Set an example of positive behavior for students during the field trip

Responsibilidades de Acompañante para el Viajes

– Muestra en como voluntaria en la oficina antes de evento
– Trabajo con los maestros para conducir a grupos de los estudiantes
– Supervisar el comportamiento del estudiantes
– Quédate con su grupo de estudiantes todo el tiempo de viaje
– Demonstrar buen comportamiento para los estudiantes durante la excursión

Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to make it to school for your volunteer time because of illness, family or personal conflict, please call the school office 24 hours in advance at 480-488-9362 to let the staff know that you will not be coming, so we can find someone to replace you for that day. Thank you so much for volunteering your time and being involved in your student’s educational experience! The teachers, staff and students all appreciate your support of Hirsch Academy!

Política de cancelación: Si usted es incapaz de llegar a la escuela por su tiempo voluntario debido a enfermedad, familia o emergencia personal, por favor llame a la oficina de la escuela 24 horas por adelantado al 480-488-9362 dejar que el personal sabe que usted no vendrá, así que podemos encontrar a alguien para reemplazarlo para ese día.  Muchas gracias por tu tiempo y estar involucrado en la experiencia educativa de su estudiante! Los maestros, personal y estudiantes gracias por su apoyo de Hirsch Academy!


We appreciate any in-kind or monetary donation you are able to make to support our school! If you want to make an in-kind donation to the school, please contact Dr. Krell to find out what resources are most needed at the time. If you would like to make a monetary donation, please see the list of different type of donations you can make:

Direct Donations:

You may donate directly to the school using this PayPal link.

Ustedes pueden dar dinero directamente a la escuela usando este PayPal aqui.

HELP Fund Student and Family Programs at Hirsch Academy with Arizona Tax Credit Donations

Anyone who pays income tax in the state of Arizona may participate. You do not need to have children attending any school to donate. The Arizona School Tax Credit Program allows you to direct some or all of your state income tax payment to Hirsch Academy for extra curricular activities. Taxpayers may direct up to $200 per single taxpayer or $400 per married couple filing joint to charter or public schools. And you may contribute to both public and private schools in the same year. These funds provide support for extracurricular activities such as tutoring, enrichment programs, remedial work (tutoring), field trips and guest speakers. It’s simple – the money you donate to Hirsch Academy’s Tax Credit Program replaces dollar-for-dollar what you owe in state income taxes! You simply send in the receipt you will receive from the school along with your state tax return. The dollar amount donated may then be subtracted from the total amount.

Other ways to donate or get involved: is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need.

Here’s how it works: Hirsch Academy’s teachers, along with teachers across America, post classroom project requests on Requests range from pencils for a poetry writing unit, to violins for a school recital, to microscope slides for a biology class.

Then, you can browse project requests and give any amount to the one that inspires you. Once a project reaches its funding goal, we deliver the materials to the school.

You’ll get photos of your project taking place, a thank-you letter from the teacher, and a cost report showing how each dollar was spent. If you give over $50, you’ll also receive hand-written thank-you letters from the students.

Sponsor a classroom, field trip, club or sport!

Wanting to donate, but don’t know how?  Check out our teacher’s home pages for information as to what’s going on in their classrooms.  Your donation may also qualify as an Arizona School Tax credit.

Donations can be mailed to:

Hirsch Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy
6535 E. Osborn Rd.
Building 4
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Thank you for you continued support and dedication to our students!