End of Year Student Highlights 4: Spirit Week!

During the last week of school, Hirsch students, teachers and staff all participated in Spirit Week, when everyone gets a chance to wear different clothes each day to represent a different theme and show their creative spirit! The different themes included, Super Spirit Day, Super Hero Day, Rock Star Day, Western Day and Dress Up Day! Check out these awesome photos of super heroes and western dudes!

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End of Year Student Highlights 3: Core Knowledge Showcase

On May 25, each class provided a showcase of different student projects illustrating what they learned from the Core Knowledge curriculum this year ranging from Colonial America to westward expansion to American pluralism to the human body. Each class went on a tour of the rest of the exhibits to see what their fellow students had accomplished! It was a great reflection of the variety of Core Knowledge topics that our students covered this year in their classes! Ms. Smith's 2017 Showcase 3Ms. Smith's 2017 Core Knowledge ShowcaseMs. Rivera's 2017 Core Knowledge ShowcaseMs. Padron's 2017 Core Knowledge ShowcaseMs. Fitzpatrick's 2017 Showcase 2Ms. Fitzpatrick's 2017 Core Knowledge ShowcaseMs. Estrada's 2017 Showcase 2Ms. Estrada 2017 Core Knowledge ShowcaseMs. Ellefsen's 2017 Showcase 2Ms. Ellefsen's 2017 Core Knowledge Showcase Ms. Smith's Showcase 2

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